Your capital is at risk when you invest. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. Financial products are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money.

DAS Trader Pro

The go-to trading platform for superior execution speeds.

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The leader in direct access trading technologies

Stable and robust

Take advantage of direct-access software for faster order execution and route orders through over 100 market makers.
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Industry-leading functionalities

From latency-sensitive sub-millisecond order validation to real-time market data and robust hotkey scripting, DAS sets traders up for success.

Keeps you in the loop

With 30+ indicators and multiple drawing tools, you have all the tools to analyse charts and quickly react to market changes.
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Features that don’t disappoint

Real-time Level I and Level II market data
Collocated Order Executions
Customizable trading hotkey
Advanced Charting
Multiple Stop Types
Real-Time Account Management
Supports Multiple Monitors
Regional, Totalview, ARCA, and OPRA
Short Locator Tool for short-selling
Trade Signals Tool to screen stocks based on thresholds

Trade US Stocks and ETFs at fast speed

Finally, an FCA regulated broker that covers all your unique needs.

6000+ NASDAQ & NYSE multi-assets
Competitive and flexible pricing
Direct order routing technology
Free demo practice accounts
Great platform for beginners and pros alike
DAS is great whether you want to paper trade in real-time or grow your account using leverage on high probability winning trades.
Julio, Trustpilot
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Access DAS Trader Pro on Desktop


Processor: Minimum Core2 Duo 2+GHZ

Memory: Minimum 4 GB

RAM Internet: Cable or DSL (at least 10/10 DL/UL Speed recommended)

Operating System: Windows 7, Server 2008 or higher
Secure updated web browser
DAS Trader Pro Program enabled Windows Firewall

Find the right platform for your trading needs

Choose from a suite of easy-to-use and high-tech online stock trading platforms and see how they compare.

Sterling Trader® Pro

This dynamic platform is designed for active traders and professionals who work with the rapidly moving electronic markets. The powerful performance and configurability give traders complete control over their trading.


Powerful. Minimalist design. Customizable. It comes with a free option. The ideal trading platform for the aspiring trader. Take it with you, trade on the go and make it all yours.  
DAS Trader Pro

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Experience the platform’s power, see its value and make an informed decision.

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